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Sales Support
If you are experiencing trouble with anything sales-related including but not limited to closing or starting loans, using or accessing technology, receiving training for technology, issues with BYTE, issues with a borrower, etc. please start by contacting our Sales Support team by clicking the button below.
IT / Hardware,Software / Byte Issues
General hardware (computers, monitors, etc.) & software requests & troubleshooting.
Byte Configuration
Changes to how the BYTE software works (IE; macros, new screens, screen edits, custom fields, etc.)
Each vendor is administered by the department(s) that uses it to accomplish its workflows. Vendors include banking and other online-access portals, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office Suite, Coda, Airtable, etc. If the technology you need help with is on a website and the URL does not contain “Amres.com” it is a vendor.
Amres Custom Software
Issues pertaining to software that Amres has written (Wholesale Portal, Utilities Portal)
Custom features that our Software does not yet support. Use this form to report new ideas you may have.
After Hours Emergency
Fill this form out for all after-hours emergencies. Please only use this form if your request is truly stopping business. Do not use this for all requests after hours.

Amres Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm (EST)
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